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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pokemon X and Y Pokemon Info and Corocoro Leaks

So there is more talk going on about the X and Y (scheduled to launch October 21st) and we have got some interesting news as well about some new pokemon you can hope to encounter and your friends and foes as well.

Honedge is said to be a Steel/Ghost type which can learn the move swords dance (even though its a sword it calls other swords to dance) and the move is going to be rendered fully in 3D! It is also supposed to be a possessed sword. It has the ability 'No Guard'.

Panpura is a grass/ghost pokemon, syoomai is a water/bug, Yotsurun an ice/fighting and Myuujii is a new psychic based pokemon said to look like a musical note like unown is based on the alphabet and meleotta is on music and melody.
Their English names remain unannounced.

Here's the interesting part though Myuujii possesses the move called battle melody which can knock down the foe's stats while increasing the user's own (reminds me of meleotta using the move which attacks and can put the foe to sleep) which is interesting if it is true.

Another rumor is that Syoomai might evolve into shellos so we might be getting new evolution paths to choose from.

Corocoro has leaked some information on new pokemon.

Note that the following are only Japanese names.

Peroppafu the cotton candy pokemon (dont ask me, I dont make them) Fairy type, exclusive to pokemon X has the ability sweet veil which prevents battling team members from falling asleep.

Clauncher is an X exclusive, Skerlp is a pokemon Y exclusive.

Gordona the tough looking pokemon. Knows hammer arm. Fighting/Dark. Ability Iron fist or Mold breaker.

Maalika: Rotate pokemon, Dark/psychic with Suction cups or Contrary. It confuses its opponents by flashing lights above its eyes. This pokemon actually rotates in battle (we can expect the animation like hitmontop rotating in black and white)

Kalamenero: The evolved form of maalika. It is a turnabout pokemon. Has either the ability 'Contrary' or 'Suction Cups'. It knows the move 'Flip Around' which flips the stats of the afflicted pokemon.

Xerneas the life pokemon, Fairy Type, has the ability Fairy Aura which powers fairy type moves. Has a move called Geo Control.

Yvetltal the destruction pokemon. Dark/Flying type, has the ability Dark Aura which boosts the power of Dark type moves. That coupled with stab and choice specs and we are talking destruction.
Has a move called Death Wing.

This counterpart thing reminds me of Darkrai and Cresselia.

New Moves

  • Drain Kiss a new Fairy-type attack which shields the user from some damage and recovers HP. I'll be using this instead of protect.
  • Characters

    New characters Shauna, Tierno, Trevor and Serena are announced.
    Team Flare is this gen's evil team which wants to steal money but that isn't their only intention.
    Prof. Platane (finally a non tree based name!) is this gen's professor and he might battle you. 

    Two new gym leaders Citron (inventor) and Zakuro (sports player) are also announced.

    The speech bubble has got some advanced makeovers as well.
    I guess i'll be signing off now. See you later!

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