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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Pokemon Z Release Confirmed

Rumors talking about an announcement on the rumored Pokemon Z game, following a post in Japanese-language Pokemon site, have been proven to be false.
In addition, fans cannot look forward to a similar announcement in this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo event in June either.
According to the iDigital Times, speculations arose last week that the Famitsu DS+Wii issue is going to make an announcement on Pokemon Z following a post in Pokemon Line, Japanese-language blog that focused on stories regarding the Pokemon world.
The Pokemon Line post was talking about how existing rumors about the Pokemon Z game was getting people hyped, iDigital Times said.
Pokemon Line then embedded tweets from Japanese users agreeing with its sentiment and saying that the hype should die down since it has been there since the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (ORAS).
The two Pokemon games were released last year for the Nintendo 3DS.
Unfortunately, iDigital Times said, the Pokemon Line post and the associated Japanese tweets were misinterpreted by non-Japanese fans who thought that Famitsu had an upcoming announcement on Pokemon Z.
Joe Merrick, webmaster of English-language Pokemon site Serebii confirmed the false alarm in Twitter.
"As suspected, Famitsu DS+Wii... seems to have no announcement, contrary to what has spread this month. Sorry to disappoint," Merrick's Tweet said.
Gamers are also expecting a Pokemon Z announcement in this year's E3 event in June. However, the Gospel Herald said that it is also highly unlikely that Nintendo is going to reveal the game in E3.
"E3 2015 speculations remain uncertain as Nintendo already announced that it is not priority on mobile titles. Like its predecessors, Pokémon Z is expected to debut on the Nintendo 3DS mobile gaming device," the Gospel Herald wrote.
A separate report by the iDigital Times has said that Nintendo's E3 event has been confirmed to focus on Wii U and 3DS titles, but said that Fire Emblem is more likely to be featured in E3 because it is coming out in June.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

This Pokémon Tattoo Is So Bad It Has Become a Meme

He wanted his tattoo to be the very best, like no tattoo ever was

A tattoo of Pokémon character Charmander that fans say looks nothing like the character has been going viral on Reddit, inspiring memes and earning the nickname “S****y Charmander.”
Redditor Yllwsnow2 uploaded the image on April 14 with the caption “My friend was drunk and on Xanax when he decided to tattoo a black face Charmander with no experience or artistic ability. The flame saves it.” The picture racked up nearly 2.5 million views over the next two days, according to a timeline by KnowYourMeme, an online encyclopedia about memes and trending topics.
The illustration now has its own subreddit “/r/shartmander,” and the photo-sharing site Imgur has rounded up some of the best memes. The editor of Know Your Meme Brad Kim made a flow chart of merchandise inspired by the tattoo:

See more on Know Your Meme
It is the third time that something so random has captivated the Internet recently, between a debate about the color of #TheDress and a photo of a cat that looked like it was either going up or down a staircase.

New ‘Pokemon The Movie XY: The Archdijinni Of The Rings Hoopa’ Japanese Trailer Shows Epic Legendary Fight

The new Pokémon movie will feature the secret and yet not secret Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Legendary, Hoopa. The genie Pokémon has the ability to teleport beings from different dimensions and in the new Pokémon The Movie XY: The Archdijinni Of The Rings Hoopa those powers are in full display as Legendary Pokémon will be terrorizing cities.
And while the Pokémon Company has unveiled the firstEnglish trailer for the upcoming film, and even acknowledged the existence of Hoopa’s Unbound Form,the new movie will show us what the deal with the new Legendary Pokémon really is.
Check out the new Japanese trailer for Pokémon The Movie XY: The Archdijinni Of The RingsHoopa, which was first shown on the Japanese show, Oha Suta below.
Based on the new trailer, there is a lot to dissect.
First off, it seems that there may be TWO Hoopas in play here. The first Hoopa, which is in its Unbound form would seem to be the one who has unleashed the Legendary Pokémon of Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Kyogre and Groudon.
The Hoopa that our heroes will meet is in its normal form and is shown summoning other Legendary Pokémon to fight off the enemy. However, the bottle that unleashes Hoopa’s Unbound form may just take over the friendly new Pokémon’s personality as we see what happens when Ash holds the bottle.
pokemon movie ashAsh turning evil after holding Hoopa's bottle. Pokemon Company
And how crazy is it to see Hoopa grow in size when it transforms?
While the true nature of Hoopa and whether there is more than one in the film will have to be discovered when the movie releases in Japan later this year.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

GAME customers to get free Shiny Charizard as part of Pokémon spring promotion

UK retailer GAME has teamed up with the Pokémon Company International to run a spring promotion that will see Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Pokemon ORAS) players getting a new flame type Pokemon Shiny Charizard.
Starting April 3, GAME customers can visit any of GAMEs 320 stores and ask for a free code for an exclusive Shiny Charizard. The code can then be redeemed on Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, as well as Pokemon X and Y. The promotion will end on Sunday 19th April 2015.
The Shiny Charizard will come holding a Charizardite Y, which will allow it to undergo Mega Evolution during battle.
In addition, a separate code will also be offered during the same undefined ‘limited’ period which will provide players an access to a Pokémon Trading Card Game: XY Primal Clash Collector’s Album.
As part of the promotion, GAME UK stores will get Pokémon-themed display sections and a TV campaign will be aired on channels including CiTV, Cartoon Network and Disney XD from April 3 to April 19.
Retailers across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Nordic territories will be playing host to similar promotional activities.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

'Pokemon the Movie XY: Ring no Chamajin Hoopa' rolling out July

Nintendo's Pokemon franchise continues to live strong.

The Pokemon Company, which handles Nintendo's Pokemon franchise, is rolling out anew animated film for the franchise. This film is titled Pokemon the Movie XY: Ring no Chomajin Hoopa and it will hit theaters across Japan on July 18th.

This movie has a Middle Eastern theme as the trailer shows.

Some phenomenon takes place and causes all of the legendary Pokemon to appear and it is up to Hoopa, the new Pokemon, to do something. The movie features other legendary Pokemon such as Arceus, Latias, Giratina, and more.

Pokemon the Movie XY: Ring no Chomajin Hoopa also stars the cast of Pokemon XY.

This is the follow-up to Pokemon the Movie: Dianci and the Cocoon of Destruction, which released in 2014.

It is unknown when Pokemon the Movie XY: Ring no Chomajin Hoopa will receive an international release let alone a North American or UK release. Pokemonfans should keep an eye on further news on the new movie.

The movie also contains the Pikachu to Pokemon Ongakutai, which stars Pikachu.

You should know Pikachu as being the official mascot of the popular Pokemonseries. He is the companion Pokemon to Ash Ketchum, Satoshi in the Japanese version, the main hero of the Pokemon franchise.

Ash is the iconic hero and Pikachu is the iconic mascot to Pokemon.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Huge Power Slaking QR Code + HD Screensaver

IV and EV trained. This is the best slaking cause no more loafing around!

Focus Sash. Adamant
Psycho Cut/ Earthquake/ Close Combat/ Return

The best freaking screensave in the history of screensavers. Seriously, this blog isn't meant for posting wallpapers but this one was so awesome I couldn't resist. Enjoy.