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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nintendo 3DS XL VS Dsi XL

The two consoles look fairly similar however the 3DS XL looks smoother and the major difference of course is that it can play 3D games and most importantly it can play Pokemon X and Y and the future titles of Pokemon.
Nintendo hasn't revealed if all the spin offs and next gen titles will be in 3D or not it seems pretty probable that most of the titles will be in 3D. 
Even if the 3D graphics dont suit your eyes you can turn them off or lower them using the handy 3D slider. Another major difference is that it can double as an E-reader (yes, the feature isn't available as of now but Nintendo is going to roll it out so its a book... in 3D! also able to play 3D games) with over 300 titles coming to Japan this fall, again Nintendo hasn't announced anything for the west as of yet, so what else is new?

The 3DS XL also has the D-pad (the circular white thing) which really doesn't make a big difference but its certainly worth a mention and lets not forget that it has many titles which cannot be played by the Dsi XL but every title of Dsi XL can be played by 3DS XL or the 3DS thanks to backwards compatibility and yes it has much better graphics too.

The XL has everything the Dsi XL has, and more.
Here is a list of what the XL can do and the Dsi cant. 

  • Able To Play 3D games
  • Doubles as an E-reader (again no information about the west)
  • Has a D-pad
  • Better Graphics
  • More Game Titles
  • Nintendo always favors its new consoles so it can get more features.

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