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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Why Game Companies Want You To Preorder

There have been so many preorder promotions going on for example if you preorder pokemon X and Y from Amazon it makes sure you get the cheapest price and if you trade in a game towards the cost of a preorder of a gta V in Gamestop you get some extra in store credit. So why do these game companies want you to preorder their games so badly? Preorders are a way to measure a company's performance and they know what kind of sales to expect after the game is actually released but the real reason they want you to preorder is that so you dont get to read reviews about the game once it is released and many people change their mind about buying the game after they have read the reviews ( it really depends on how good or bad the game is of course) so by preordering the company knows that you are willing to pay for whatever game they have made despite of what the quality is.
This is also the reason why you dont see many demos of games anymore.
Well I guess thats all for today!
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