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Monday, 6 January 2014

Three New Legendaries Revealed

Three legendaries by the name of Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion are said to be leaked by a hacker, it is interesting to note however is that Gamefreak and Nintendo have not officially announced these finds. 

-       Hoopa has the Impractical ability, which forces the opponent to miss every other turn, and it can only be bypassed by Mold Breaker, Teravolt and Turboblaze. I personally love this ability. According to the image, it has three Psychic movies, Trick Room, Psychic, and Hyperspace Hole, and a Ghost Move, Shadow Ball. I also happen to like this new move Hyperspace Hole.

 Volacanion posses the Steamed-Up ability, which boosts its STAB moves by 40 per cent. Meh. This Pokemon has a two fire moves, Flare Blitz and Overheat; a normal move, Explosion; and a water movie called Steam Eruption.

-       Diancie (is it just me or does it resemble carbink) has the Shining Jewel ability that powers up special moves, so long as the weather effects are not in order, (this should bring us to a much needed and exciting change of pace if this ability is good (we dont know as of know the special moves that will be powered up and how much will this power up be of) but this ability especially with these three legendaries should spice things up a little and maybe bring about a changes in more weather usage if this ability is over used and powerful bringing about a change in the whole metagame after the nerf of weather brining abilitie such as drizzle and drought)  This Pokemon's moves include Moonblast, Diamond Storm, Light Screen and Safeguard.

Hoopa's ability (forcing the opponent to miss ever other turn)  is being called OP already but i assure you that it just seems so right now, we do not know the pokemon's stats and the movepool. hmmm i wonder if it can be combined with fly such that the opponent does not get to hit

There have been discussions on how these legendaries can be obtained, according to the hacker Volcanion was found inside one of the plant doors but we probably need an item for it which could be distributed over wifi by Nintendo.
So which pokemon do you like out of the three? my personal favorite is hoopa by the way and i have already voted for it in the poll section on the sidebar.

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