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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pokemon X and Y Buy

Pokemon X and Y Box Art

When is pokemon X and Y coming out in america or canada? doesn't matter! you can preorder it btw in October, what date know not I or in fact anybody as the pokemon company hasn't revealed it yet.
You have all seen the new Pokemon Y and X trailer where the reveal mewtwo's new form (if you haven't it doesn't matter because I just told you what's in it) so we can guess its going to get pretty interesting but hey if you don't like his new form don't evolve it!  It is in 3D only so you will have to get a 3ds, I'd say its worth getting it because of the 3d gameplay and all the future games are going to be in 3d only. This is the newest game and you can get the X and Y bundle along with the 3ds xl from amazon.
Corocoro hasn't yet revealed and pokemon x and y scans but they will be up as soon as they are released unless I don't want the game to be spoiled for me ( which it will if I look at the scans before playing it!). So that's about my thoughts on it and yeah episode 778 will be up soon.

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