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Monday, 3 June 2013

Pokemon Episode 777: Burn, Charizard VS Dragonite!

You can watch this full episode of pokemon in HD here as soon as it airs! till then read this review and watch the older ones have you seen harbor patrol yet?
We see that bulbasaur is hanging around in the foreground and it kinda reminds me of james getting scammed by that fisherman. lol. Ash, cilan and N along with pikachu and axew are looking for something in the pokemon festival.

By looking at the picture we can see that Ash and all are in a festival and charizard and N return! well we got to know that by the title but anyways thats cool. It appears charizard might have learn some new fire type move hence the title starts with burn. A gust of nostalgia also comes to the mind when you remember the old episodes where charizard breath fire on Ash, used a special type of seismic toss, disobeyed ash, ash took care of him and all also the fear on the face of people and pokemon upon seeing the beast.
We also remember N saying he'd return but frankly im shocked at his return I was expecting it but not so soon! and certainly not in the episode where charizard returns! double nostalgia!
Those of you who haven't seen N in previous episodes scroll down and go to older posts or search this blog for it (search bar on the upper left corner next to the blogger sign). I dont know how im telling you to go to older posts while the excitement of N and Charizard returning has filled my mind! I will however end reminding you to bookmark this page so you do not miss it as the video will be up on this page soon.


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