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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Pokemon Yellow VS Sun/Moon

Pokemon yellow had the best rival. I mean you could really hate him for who he is as a person. Just when you meet him he acts like a jerk, as many pokemon players have nicknamed him. He has an entitled attitude - he throws a fit for not getting the pokemon sooner from his dad, Prof. Oak and when he loses he blames it on the Pokemon (even in the anime, Gary is seen to only take Pokemon with best iv's and ev's and ditch the weak pokemon such as charmander- abandoning it in the rain).
So this gives us, the players some emotion to start with- we really hate this douchebag. Oh and I almost forgot, he even tells us that he will tell his sister to not give us the town map!
Subtleities like these make the game more interesting. Another example of a witty subtelity is the random guy telling us he likes shorts cause they're comfy.

The Bad Guys- Team Rocket called us nicknames that were quite demeaning, this made the game a bit more fun to play. Also, they'd pop up in search of the fossils early on in the game. What I'm saying is that they had engagement present with us gamers since the start and none of that ORAS crap (dont get me wrong, I did like the bad guys in ORAS, its just that I dont remember any solid introduction or continuity in the game) with that being said I cant really say that Yellow had better villains because when the ORAS villains were introduced it did get interesting.

The puzzles- who else took a while to figure out that you had to go to Pokemart for Oak's parcel? or take a while in the viridian forest, or maybe even finding their way to Bill's place? These mind games made the game a whole lot more interesting and characters like Bill well contributed into making the game a great one.

Does knowing about the Forms and Z-moves ruin our experience of Sun and Moon? It should make us excited/hyped about what's to come but remember this- in the older games we did not have such things, we had long challenging battles in which we had to restart the game.

What am I excited about? Well I'd love to see those new abilities and moves that Nintendo has in store for us, I'm already a big fan of the ability Dazzling- which blocks priority moves! This is a gamechanger in the competitive world.

What would make this game on par with the first Gens? Look, all I want in this game is for there to be a good puzzle- i.e figuring out what to do, where to go, etc.  Great characters- the guys you talk to such as Bill. A douchebag rival- oh please make me hate him and not give me a love thy enemy like ORAS did. A hard game- If I do not have to restart the game, use potions or want to throw my 3DS out the window then it's not a gym battle.

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