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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Mega Evolutions Giveaway Event [Official]

Pokemon X and Y
(Photo : (PHOTO: YouTube)) Pokemon X and Y cover.
Rumors circulating out of Japan about Pokemon X and Y have indicated some of the game's Mega Evolutions will be given away for free in an upcoming special event.

KPopStarz reported this special game event will coincide with the Pokemon film, "Diancie & the Cocoon of Destruction." Those who buy a movie ticket will also receive the legendary Diancie. The event will last until September 30.
Six Pokemon will be available at the free event that will release another character every week, reported Product-Reviews. Gyrados, Scizor, Kangaskhan, Tyranitar, and Mawile will all be given away at level 50 with their accompanying Mega Stone to gamers. The event will begin on May 10 and run through June 22.

According to Examiner, players have to first purchase "special advance tickets" for the new animated Diancie movie coming out this summer. The Pokemon available is Darkrai, a dark type as the name suggests.
Darkrai was originally in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and had a cameo in Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii U.
Recently Hackers uncovered three new moves in the game's files, and rumor has it two of those moves belong to the legendary Zygarde who could be getting his own game soon. According to IBTimes, Pokemon Z could feature Zygarde as the cover character. This would make sense and go with the theme of Xerneas "X" and Yvetal "Y".
Motoring Crunch reported the discovered moves are Thousand Waves, Thousand Arrows, and Hold Hands. The first move, is a ground based attack with 90 power, 100 accuracy, and 10 pp. It can render a Pokemon unable to flee a battle. The second move is another ground based attack that can hit flying Pokemon. It also has the potential to be a one hit KO. These moves are rumored to belong to Zygarde. The last move, is a special move that increases the Pokemon's happiness, and does not deal damage.

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