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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Pokemon Z Rumours

Pokemon Z rumors.
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As fans immerse themselves into Pokemon X and Y, rumors and theories on Pokemon Z has already begun.
Ever since the announcement of Pokemon X and Y, rumors on Pokemon Z have been swirling online. But with the existence of the legendary Pokemon Zygarde, fans have developed interesting rumors on what the sequel might entail.
"Xerneas and Yveltal are both immune to Zygarde's main types," writes CoolGlaceon on PokeJungle.
"What if in Pokemon Z when and if Zygarde mega evolves, it gains an ability which turns immunities into weaknesses much like how inverse battles work. I guess this is also backed up by the fact that the only place to have inverse battles is on Route 18 where Terminus Cave is located…where Zygarde is found."
This is not the first time rumors of a Zygarde mega evolution has surfaced.
"A mega evolution gives a Pokemon an increase in 100 to their total base stats. Zygarde has 600 base stats which is super low for a [legendary trio]. A mega would make Zygarde have a 700 base stat, tying it with Mega Tyranitar and Mega Garchomp and making it stronger than Xerneas and Yveltal," writes HeavyMetalLamb.
"Its Pokedex also talks of how it will reveal its secret power when the ecosystem goes wrong, which I'm sure will be the plotline of the next game, and we manage to get ahold of Zygardenite which they will code into the next game of DLC expansion."
"Also, you ever notice how when you first encounter Xerneas it's in a tree-like-state, Yveltal is in a cocoon-like-state, and Zygarde looks like the larvae for a fly and lives underground like larvae."
Given the upcoming Diancie distribution, it is clear Game Freak intends expand the Pokemon X and Y universe, whether through a DLC or a sequel game like Pokemon Z.
What do you think of these Zygarde theories for Pokemon Z?


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  2. But you can't forget the significance of the number FOUR.

    The 3D model used in X and Y was first experimented with in the main series games in Gen FOUR.

    Gen five had FOUR games.

    The 3D model used for X and Y is made up of FOUR variable axis'.

    The X axis- represented by X version.
    The Y axis- represented by Y version.
    The Z axis- which, in the axis, is depth; and much like Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum and B2/W2 will showcase the orginal adventure in greater depth.
    The FOURTH axis is TIME.

    By placing extra time into the X and Y adventure, by literally going back in time, the power plant door would not yet be rusted, the train tracks would not be overgrown, the bridge would not yet be built, the odd man would not yet be traumatised, Professor Sycamore would be leaving a note to his younger self and you would be there to play witness to the Abomasnow/Mamoswine event referenced by NPC's, as well as many other NPC references.

    If Z were the follow-up to X and Y then the FOURTH game, logically, taking place many years before X, Y and Z, would be A, making the next two games AZ, just like the character in X and Y who has survived thousands of years of time.

    Spelling those game letters out chronologically would give you AXYZ, the French word for axis.

    Not convinced?

    With X and Y versions we were also given the Pokebank, and a free Celebi.

    Celebi was the star of the FOURTH Pokémon movie where Celebi a young Professor Oak came forward in time to meet Ash.