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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hackers Disable Nintendo Region Lock

Hackers have found a way to bypass nintendo's region lock. In the past fans have petitioned Nintendo to end region locks on twitter with hashtags such as #EndRegionLock.  Consoles such as PS vita and Xbox one are region free whereas the 3DS and Wii U remain region locked. Some fans also purchased or got games from other regions which they couldn't play due to the region lock. For me it was the legend of Zelda.
Whilst we don't support piracy, this new solution would allow you to play legitimately purchased cartridges of other regions on your system.
You’ll need your 3DS to have firmware version 4.5 installed. Which is rare considering the 3DS now automatically downloads and installs system updates in the background. However you can use a flashcard with the old firmware to bypass this, a patched launcher file then making modifications to allow you to play cartridges outside the handheld’s native country.

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