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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Nintendo 2DS Review

Nintendo had introduced the 2DS a long time ago, while it is clear that that all the other games are going to be for the 3DS, the 2DS remains the console having the lowest price which can play 3D games however you may not notice 3D graphics in this console as Nintendo dropped it to lower its price.

Design, Display & Graphics
The drop in 3D graphics isn't significant though, you are unlikely to miss it.
If you want to carry your 2DS around wherever you go it would not be convenient because the hinge is no longer present, i daresay it looks better without the hinge (if you compare nintendo 3ds with the nintendo 2ds you will notice the 2DS actually grows on you).
Nintendo 2DS review 3
The volume button is on the left edge of the screen nd power being on the right. The stylus is in the lower compartment near the SD card slot.
Has one camera in front and two at back.

Most of you may not care about reading this part but i urge you to do so.
The console weighs 260 grams (thats about the same weight as two iphone 5s) its 5 grams  heavier than the 3DS.
Its 127mm high being taller than the 3ds when opened.
Has a 3.53 inch big screen with a 3.02 inch lower display which is the same as the 3DS.
The battery life is slightly better than its more expensive predecessor, 5.5 hours of playtime on 3D titles and 9 hours of gameplay on DS games with 3 days of standby energy time.


The graphics are quite impressive and the 2DS has been intelligently crafted though it is made out of plastic to which some might object but its more durable than the 3DS or the ipod touch for the matter the 2DS is being compared to tablets and mobiles because its meant to be a replacement for kids who want tablets just to play games, so the 2DS provides a better gaming experience than a tablet ever can. Popular games such as Angry birds and cut the rope are going to be added to the eshop. The eshop also contains games such as Legend of Zelda, Pokemon X and Y (The main reason you have to purchase it! all the next pokemon games are going to be 3D and if you dont have a 3DS or a 3DS Xl a 2DS is your best fix for playing it.) Free Demos of some games are also available on the Eshop.
With christmas just around the corner this seems like the perfect gift for yourself or your friend who wants to play pokemon X and Y but doesn't own a console compatible with the game.

The Bottom Line
The 2DS plays all the games I want it to play, costs a decent amount less than a 3DS, does away with needless 3D, and despite weighing slightly more, actually feels like a more durable travel companion (fewer moving parts definitely helps with that). It'd be nice if they'd left out the 3D cameras on the back and included a hardware Wi-Fi toggle, but that's splitting hairs – the 2DS is, ultimately, a clever re-imagining of Nintendo's current generation mobile hardware that should convince casual fans and fence-sitters it's finally time to take the plunge.

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