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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mega Charizard X and Y Confirmed Fire/Dragon

                                                         Mega Charizard X 

                                                          Mega Charizard Y

We know that the mega charizard X is black and a shiny version of it is red (not revealed in the trailer). Mega charizard is still going to be destroyed by stealth rocks before it mega evolves. With this transformation charizard gets blue flares in order to keep body heat, and an ability called tough claw which increases damage of physical contact moves such as outrage, body slam, dragon tail and tackle, dragon tail was being showcased as one of the main moves. The website said mega charizard's attack increases significantly as it evolves, the website saying it increases significantly so that means a lot considering it came from the official website.  This is the only pokemon which knows belly drum and outrage couple that with tough claw and we have a beast here people. Its attack is higher than normal, it has tough claws (increases the power of physical moves) and a stab outrage since its dragon type. Even a fairy type wouldnt be able to take this +6 outrage but we cant say if it will move to the ubers tier or not because of its weakness to stealth rocks but lest your forget it has a significantly higher attack stat.

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