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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Pokemon X And Y Themed 3DS!

Nintendo has revealed two Pokemon X and Y themed 3ds (which look more like 3ds xl to me) to be released in Japan only however their decision may soon change.
They are said to be released on October 12th (The official date of the Pokemon X and Y release)
The reason for this is because a copy of Pokemon X or Y will come along with it in the box and so will six Augmented Reality cards, a memory card and of course a stylus as well.
The two 3ds "Xernas and Yveltal Blue" and "Premium Gold" version which can be seen below cost 22800 Yen or $227 each.


Nintendo has also revealed a new pokemon x and y trailer and on that note, the old hyper beam sound is back.
Watch below for pokemon cries and pokemon move sounds.

There is no announcement on whether these amazing x and y themed editions will be coming West.
See you in Japan.
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