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Monday, 8 July 2013

Mewtwo's New Form- My Thoughts

The new super sayian like form of mewtwo is great although it does not give the powerful feel of the real thing its form provides great diversity to the game (adds a bit of dragon ball z to it).

This new form of Mewtwo has received a lot of backlash from its fans, in my opinion it looks pretty good till now aside from that cartoonish sprite of it. Seeing that basically its just Mewtwo's form like Rotom-W is the form of Rotom we can expect to see Mewtwo in X and Y. What I want to see is how it fares in battle.

The reason behind this new form is that Nintendo wants to push its action figure sales as well as its game sales, just look at the new form, its designed to look like a doll and anyone remember Rumble Blast?

Anyways here's some official video footage from Pokemon on it.
Nintendo has also announced a new sale for Pokedex 3D Pro, From July 13th to July 24th, the game will be available at a reduced price of 20% for japanese customers however it is unknown if the west will get a similar price drop. This price cut is to celebrate the Pokedex 3D's one year anniversary as well as the Pokedex card game in Japan.
Thats it for today!
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