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Friday, 19 July 2013

Light Type Confirmed?

We know for certain that fairy type is confirmed especially since xerneas and azumarill are going to be made fairy type don't know about celebs though. Ninfia has been generating talks on the light type while some think that ninfia translates to water lily so maybe nintendo is making it a dual type?  If you look at the things nintendo has revealed up till now it shouldn't be news to me if they make it a light type. Maybe it has something to do with fairy or dark type?
We always have counterparts to typing (fire,grass electric,rock etc. ) and pokemon ( darkrai,cressilia) but xerneas being a fairy type has a counterpart of yvetal a dark flying type. We know its a counterpart because xerneas is a life pokemon and yvetal is a destruction pokemon and so on and so forth. So if xerneas is a fairy type it could mean that light type will not be introduced as a dark flying's counterpart should have a light typing but I'm going a bit overboard with this Nintendo hasn't revealed ninfia's typing and probably wants to generate excitement when it finally confirms the light typing in the month of the release which is October by the way, 21st October to be precise. It would be too much to handle if they do introduce a light type pokemon though because then we'd have a whole new set of weaknesses and strengths to encounter and counter with there being fairy type and not to mention the whole new dual typing that's being introduced. One thing that is for sure however is that ninfia is eevee's evolution or shall I say eeveelution (no, that's a terrible pun!) and it could be the introduction for the light typing because eeveelutions are supposed to be of every type... Oh wait... Nintendo hasn't revealed any fairy eeveelutions so this means that ninfia could be a fairy type?!

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