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Monday, 1 July 2013

Pokemon Episode 780 – Meowth, Colress, and Team Rivalry!

Episode 23 – Meowth, Colress, and Team Rivalry!

As the mists fade, Ash, Cilan, and Iris find themselves near Dragon Spiral Tower which places them closer to the White Ruins. Stopping to enjoy lunch, Ash notices Pignite isn’t quite feeling himself. What could be wrong with Pignite? Meanwhile, Colress and Team Plasma’s Aldith discuss the disappearance of N under the watchful eye of Team Rocket. As Aldith goes chasing after Jesse and James, leaving Colress in charge, Meowth comes from the shadows to attempt to sway Colress to the side of Team Rocket. Colress finds Meowth interesting as he is intelligent and able to speak. He wishes to use Meowth as a test subject to which Meowth agrees finding it an honor to be apart of Colress’s first Team Rocket experiment! Meowth resists being controlled at first…then falls prey to Colress’s mind control – as a member of Team Plasma. Meowth uses Fury Swipes against Jesse and James. Will Jesse and James be able to reach through Colress’s mind control to free Meowth?

Listen, we are not your enemies
That’s right, people and Pokémon can truly live together as friends.
Yes I hear you, If only it were so, Goodbye
N… N…. come back
He Vanished.
Hey scadril
Maybe, maybe it was just a dream
We’ll see him again, I’m sure of it, when we do, tell him to stand. You wait and see. It will be great.
That’s dragon Spiral Tower
We are close to the white ruins
We must hurry up
Meowth colress and Team rivalry
Following ends mysteries disappearance into the fog our heroes have just dropped at the Pokémon center. And their journey to the white ruins is almost over.
Wow! We are so close to the white ruins
All right come-on
You are just a little kid
Concordia and anthea
After they reunited and disappeared.
With that annoying kid with the Pikachu gotten away once again
We are sorry
Your excuses are sorry
But Concordia and anthea are nearly impossible to track and if ends back with them once again he will be too.
We have direct orders from Lord Ghetsis to secure N
N could become a huge threat
Team plasma doesn’t need that
Now that the Pokémon controlling device is complete   N must be eliminated
No the device is close to completion but not quiet
In science nothing is ever complete
Analysis of haxorus data has revealed that the process of amplifying delta brain waves can still be improved. As soon as I finish debugging the program I will begin experimenting on the test subjects once again.
Still we cannot have N running out of control
Right. We will secure him at once
Let’s go
Hold on
It appears you have brought some unwanted guests with you
Guests? What do you mean?
You were followed by those two
Ah You?
Team rocket isn’t it?
Starting today your devices are ours and your dreams
Now get the
Magnetite/ Sonic boom
Go back you shadow ball
Later after them
I am going too
Colress I am making your Incharge
It’s my pleasure
Well-well now isn’t this cozy
It’s Meowth from team rocket
Right, two points
Quiet clever
Your partners acted as decoys So you could steal my device, That is your plan, right
You are clever too. But I have taken those two points away because you are wrong
Oh, then what exactly are you after
Good question, we are going right to the source, and that would be you, good Doctor
Huh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Hilarious, fantastic, no one expected
Oh I do apologize, Please continue
You now have me quiet intrigued
Ash Wait up, come on ash will you please. Help …
What’s the big idea?
U got it
Excitement is fine, But how about a little break
I am hungry
So let’s have lunch
Come on now king
Cool, a device that can control a Pokémon is a real piece of work. Gotta hand it to you
Amazing to think that a Pokémon would be praising my work
I am honored thank you
 Sure But it’s your talent that really floats my bone
 You would know it working for team plasma
Let’s cut to the chase,
This date job doesn’t thrill you and you know it
You couldn’t care less about team plasma’s puffed up plans
You wanna do your research; I can see it in your eyes
Humph. And if I join team rocket all my wishes will come true.
There is big dough
It is an interesting proposition and speaking of interesting, I find you to be quiet interesting as well
Who me?
One doesn’t come across a talking Meowth every day u know
In fact, in very much the same way team rocket seems to need me I need you too
Wanna translate that
You are an intelligent Pokémon I cud really use your help
I’ll lay you two to one odds that you want to use me as a test subject
Yes there would be no better test subject than a true one of a kind Pokémon
Me party as a team rocket member, you got yourself a deal
My heartfelt thanks
Magna Zone
Use magna power
Leopard go…
You are nothing but a nuisance
We are going to squash you
Squash us? We are not bug types u know
Team rocket has instilled fear throughout the kanto, zotto, hoin and the sino regions.
How pleased
Mango zone, gyroball
Leopard Use shadow ball
Energy Fields?
 Now stay put and behave won’t you ,
Be good. At least until our glorious mission is complete.
What? Wait. Come back here
Manners... I am filled up to the top
I am stuffed too
Twee did you get enough?
Good lets clean up and get back on the road.
All right every one return
Lunch time is over
hey let’s move out
Pa pickachuuu
Ha.. Pignite you haven’t eaten anything at all
Pignite Pignite
Are you feeling all right
Pignite was just examined at  the Pokémon center
I don’t get it
It’s strange
Pika pee
Are u ok
I am ok
I wasn’t that strong
It wasn’t that stong?
Pignite u
That had no spice at all
Bland indeed by Pignite standards
It’s ok. You will be all right. Try to cheer up Pignite
Pika Pika
Debugging complete
Target confirmed
Locked on
Ah h
Checking gamma and delta brain waves
I thought so
No wait... its even better than I expected
Great. Simply Great
Hnn. So this is how doctor smarty pants controls Pokémon
Just not this Pokémon. There is one Marie... and two marie and then three marie
Everything under control
I am most grateful for meowth’s generous cooperation
It is just as we thought
That special concentration training was well worth it.
Meowth is as solid as a proverbial rock
A hundred on Marie a hundred two marie and hundred three marie
Who’s that Pokémon
Its magna zone
Magna zone
Magna zone use magnet power
What are u staying there for?
Attack already
Yes sir
Don’t its useless
Attacking the energy field won’t accomplish a thing
Then what do u suggest we do
Doctor colress cannot defend against the team rocket by himself
We need to get back quickly
Barret.. Have magnazone use supersonic
Hurry up
Magna zone super sonic
The Pokémon are confused
Supersonic must be unaffected by the energy fields
Perfect. The energy field is gone
Calm down…lets go
You finished your device, Excellent
Your talent will be instrumental in helping us take over the Univar region.
You are so driven to take over the world
What is it that drives the evil groups like team rocket and team plasma?
Our mission doesn’t read any reason. It is our nature to take what we want
 Although we are really not evil, we just do what we want because we can; it is no more complicated then that
Oh really
You are nothing but a low level hex in a third rate organization
Team rocket will never take control of Univar
Don’t be so sure, The last laugh is the best laugh always
Agreed doctor
I finished running my tests
You will be happy to know Meowth is now one of us
You traitor
My word.. Such acquisitions
I never said a word about being a part of your organization
While it is true I am not satisfied with my current situation I am not that dis satisfied with it either, at least for now
Perhaps force will change your mind
Sorry for the bad news. But Meowth is not under your control
Isn’t that right
Meowth what’s wrong
Meowth do you understand….your enemy is team rocket
You shouldn’t under estimate my device, that would look rather foolish
Use flame thrower
This is a first
Whats going on
Whats the matter axeo
Hey there is something stuck in there
And it’s stuck in way back
That would explain the issue with pignite’s flame thrower
So what do we do now?
Hah, let’s see
Perhaps we could come up with some method of shaking it out
I suggest jumping up and down
Ok let’s try it… ready and jumppppp
Hows that…
Must try again
And jump
Higher this time
So they were experimenting here too
Where did they go?
Ah oh
You saw them here... Didn’t you
Tell me please
What is Team Plasma up to?
It’s important
Team plasma has been toying with the lives of Pokémon
It must stop
That’s right. Keep up the attacks
Those fiery swines created a cyclone
It’s wonderful
Its sheer brilliance, I have created a test subject whose battling skills has been raised to their limits
I can’t believe  Meowth is under their control
It’s a brilliant device but they haven’t won yet
Go amigus now…
Fellish you too
Oh they are attacking their own team mate
Fellish use bullble beam
Quick amigus
Body slam lets go
Oh white fellish side kick
Listen can’t you track my voice Meowth
Not six not two, not five not two, not four not two,
and not three not two and not two not two and no Whats next …zero
That was some crazy dream I had
Why you..
Go apart
All right
Fellish use mist

You won’t get away team rocket
They are gone
Up there
Guess they did get away
You gave us a start old chum
I am glad our voices raised your chimes
What a relief getting out of that green fog
But even with all that Marie counting even that machine still got me
Sorry guys
Fret not there will be other cuss for success
You are not having very much luck
Well we haven’t tried this yet
Go chorzar
We need your help
All right up in the sky
Spin around like that Pignite might feel like caught in a tornado
But it might just work
Hang in there Pignite
Did it work Pignite?
Man I was sure that was gonna do it
You are telling me that you actually allowed N to escape again?
Getting the same news again and again does not please me in the least
My apologies sir
Very well then, I am actually in quiet a good mood today
We finally found it, a clue that leads us to the light stone’s whereabouts
The light stone
 At the white ruins
We will go there immediately
The time has finally come to meet the legendary rashsmerain in a flash Dr. Colress
There cannot be a more incredible test subject
Rush around…legendary Pokémon
If we Gotten to the white ruins we will get out own meat n Greek
Let’s go pronto
That belongs to us. We simply have to catch it
Hey can I try something
Fine with me….but what?
I am getting to use this. Like this …see
I do it around lightly then I do it a little little little more…
Wow. It worked
Of course it did…game for me
What are those things?
I don’t have a clue
It looks like seed shells from bullet seeds
Oh you think so?
Wait. I remember.
They must have gotten stuck in there
I am glad that everything worked out
So now give me your best cling thrower
Yeah... now that’s what I am talking about
They could use tarzr.. What do you think?
Yeah I thought so
You guys rule
One more time

And so a fateful encounter with a legendary Pokémon rash around is about to take place and just what awaits our heroes on their path, the answer to come as the journey continues.

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