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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pokemon Episode 775: N Returns! Saving Braviary!

Episode 17 – Saving Braviary!

By looking at the thumbnail we see that N is hurt trying to save Braviary from Team Plasma and Ash and friends help out thus reuniting with the man with a letter for a name to which Ash had no reaction to whatsoever. N appears to be concerned about the well being of Pokemon although he did not appear when Team Plasma were using em waves to amplify the pokemon's anger (see episode 773) where we see Looker and it gives a bit of suspicion as he could be Ash's dad. 
Ash does say he met him after a long time and it just seems like he would be his father. Come to think of it Looker doesn't come to rescue Braviary from Plasma either even though he was interested in stopping team plasma.
 Giovanni could be ash's father but then why does he ask Jessie and James to steal Pikachu? Is he just testing Ash? Speaking of Team Rocket we know that they come half the time the problem at hand gets solved even though they solve it by mistake. Like foiling Plasma's Plan recently although they didnt come in this episode (well maybe they have i havent watched it yet- info will be updated once i do).

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