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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Should I Buy The 3DS Or 3DS XL

After reading this post I hope you will be able to decide which one you should buy.
Whenever you want to go to Amazon's page on it, click on the picture of the 3ds or 3ds xl (Dont click on the pictures in this post, click on the ones being displayed on the right hand side of the screen) and it will open in a new tab, reload this page if you cant see it.


The 3DS XL is $40 more and its not just bigger.
If you are willing to pay 40 bucks for the upgrade i'd say its definitely worth it.

There Are Many Reasons To Buy A 3DS XL

Battery life: The 3DS XL Has 1-2 hours more battery life
DS Backward Compatibility: It has richer colors than the 3ds
What is a 3ds?
Atheistical value aside, the 3DS XL is a much more thoughtfully constructed system than its predecessor, and does well in learning from past mistakes. The stylus has been moved back around to the right hand side of the system for ease of access, and is once again a solid piece of plastic instead of the telescopic stylus featured on the original 3DS. This new stylus is nearly identical to that of the older DSi XL. The SD card slot has been moved from the left side of the system to its right, and the included SD card doubled from 2GB to 4GB. This is a nice inclusion now that Nintendo is beginning to push full 3DS games for download starting with the launch of the system, and will ensure that buyers have room enough for at least a couple of games.

Dont Buy Used 3DS/ 3DS XL
If you look at the price difference, its not much so I would not suggest doing that besides, Amazon gives you the best buy for the product.

New Nintendo Games For The 3DS
There are many Free games for the 3ds
I say the best time to buy it is NOW.
Buy the games with the 3DS to enjoy playing it as soon as it comes and save on shipping!
People are buying the 3DS XL just for Pokemon X and Y so thats a high recommendation from my side.

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